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Millions of hot tub owners from around the world have discovered the multitude of benefits associated with hot tub ownership. Because the benefits are many and vary so greatly, D1 places them into the following three broad categories: Play, Heal and Relax. This page explores the various "Play" or social benefits associated with hot tub ownership.

Human beings are social creatures. And for optimum health, humans need genuine social connection. Using a hot tub encourages "Play," i.e., any or all of the following:

  • Family Bonding
  • Connecting with Children
  • Social Connection
  • Connecting with Relatives
  • Connecting with Friends
  • Establishing Social Relationships
  • Enhancing Social Connections
  • Enhancing Romance or Intimacy

For simplicity, D1 likes to take the above list of "Play" or Social benefits and group them in these three categories: "Family Bonding", "Enhancing Friendships" and "Encouraging Romance."

Family Bonding

What's more important than the family bond? Millions of families have learned that a magnificent way to encourage the development of a positive bond between parents and their children is through the use of a family hot tub!

For many families, without forethought or planning, the hot tub morphs into the family's official "neutral zone," where members spend quality time together, away from spending hours in separate rooms, watching television, listening to IPods, surfing the web or otherwise totally disconnected from one another.

For these families the hot tub becomes the central gathering place in the home. Members are plugged into each other's lives and a healthy, natural family bond is established and nurtured.

Enhancing Friendships

A hot tub provides the perfect venue to entertain guests in small social gatherings and get-togethers!

Friends are thrilled to be invited to a backyard retreat to relax in the warming, calming waters of a hot tub. And if you own one, by all means fire up your barbecue as the perfect complement to the affair.

Engage in the lost art of conversation and reconnect with the people that mean so much to you.

Encouraging Romance

A hot tub can do wonders for your love life!

As you and your loved one become more and more relaxed, watch how true and open conversation begins to flow so easily.

Romance, intimacy and relaxation become one.